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Tilsen Roofing Joins the Alliance

For Immediate Release CONTACT: Charlotte Norgaard
Date: Jan. 10, 2014 (847) 493-7548

Tilsen Roofing Joins the Alliance

Rosemont, Ill. — Tilsen Roofing Co. Inc., Madison, Wis. has joined The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress at the Governor level. Governor membership is reserved for those who commit $50,000 to the Alliance during a three to five year period. Tilsen Roofing's commitment entitles it to participate in the project task forces established to guide the Alliance's agenda and to attend the semiannual meetings of the full Alliance.

For more information or to join the Alliance, visit www.roofingindustryalliance.net or contact Bennett Judson, the Alliance's executive director at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7513 or bjudson@roofingindustryalliance.net.


The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress was established within the National Roofing Foundation (NRF) to create an endowment fund to serve as a highly focused resource for the roofing industry and its customers. The Alliance's objectives are to conduct research and education projects that support high-quality programs for roofing contractors; ensure timely and forward-thinking industry responses to major economic and technological issues; and enhance the long-term viability and attractiveness of the industry to roofing workers. The Alliance also reaches out to the roofing community and its members and helps fund efforts dedicated to good works and charitable giving. More information about the Alliance is available at www.roofingindustryalliance.net.

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