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Roof Monitor™ Offers a Technical Solution to Decrease Roof Collapses

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Date: April 9, 2014 (847) 493-7548

Roof Monitor™ Offers a Technical Solution to Decrease Roof Collapses

Professional Roofing's April issue previews Beldon Technologies, Inc.'s Roof Monitor,™ designed to notify business owners when a roof is in danger of collapse.

Rosemont, Ill.—When Brad Beldon, president of San Antonio-based Beldon Roofing and Beldon Technologies, Inc. started noticing a recent increase in roof collapses throughout the U.S., he knew there had to be a way to prevent a majority of them from occurring.

"It's just mind boggling how many roofs have collapsed," he says. "I immediately thought there had to be a way to notify people in advance that something was happening—that their roofs are incurring more weight."

This spring Beldon Technologies, Inc. will release the Roof Monitor,™ its solution to this problem. The five-year process Beldon went through to develop Roof Monitor™ is highlighted in the April issue of Professional Roofing magazine.

According to Beldon, many buildings that were constructed 20 to 30 years ago were not designed to handle the additional weight that is put on roof systems now, such as HVAC systems and insulation. In addition, during a winter that brings a high amount of snowfall, a well-insulated roof, though necessary, can keep the weight of snow on a roof for longer periods of time because heat from a building is not melting it off.

Roof Monitor™ measures live loads on a roof using pressure sensors. The device manages safety risks and minimized business interruption caused by large loads of water or snow on roofs and alerts a building owner in advance if a roof is in danger of collapse from too much weight.

The system has received patents pending in 50 different countries. The first systems are planned to be installed on buildings in Colorado, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas to finish testing the monitoring and functionality before releasing the product to the public.


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