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Attic Ventilation Systems Benefit Homes

Date: June 8, 2015 (847) 493-7548

Attic Ventilation Systems Benefit Homes

NRCA's www.everybodyneedsaroof.com "From the Experts" column outlines the benefits of a properly designed attic ventilation system.

When properly designed, attic ventilation systems can make a home more comfortable and prevent numerous roof-related problems, according to Nick Sabino, president of Cincinnati-based Deer Park Roofing.

Sabino outlines the importance of attic ventilation in his column "The importance of attic ventilation," posted to www.everybodyneedsaroof.com, the official consumer website of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). The column is posted on the sites "From the Experts" page.

The column states that because attic heat radiates into living spaces, a cooler attic will lead to a more comfortable home and reduced cooling costs.

In addition, roof system components benefit from increased longevity when an attic is well-ventilated. Because all building materials expand and contract as temperatures change, higher attic temperatures lead to increased expansion of the roof, sheathing and structural components, which are negatively affected by an increase in thermal movement.

To read Sabino's column in its entirety visit www.everybodyneedsaroof.com/News/Details/2030.


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