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NRCA Applauds Passage of RAPID Act

October 2015

NRCA commends the House for approving H.R. 348, which will help reduce regulatory burdens on the construction industry and ultimately improve economic growth. The House approved the Responsibly and Professionally Invigorating Development Act (RAPID Act), a bill supported by NRCA that streamlines the permitting process for private development and federal government projects that require environmental permits. It can take years or even decades to gain the necessary regulatory approval for such projects under current laws and regulations, which delays construction projects and economic growth.

The RAPID Act will streamline the regulatory process under which many public and private construction projects obtain required environmental permits so they can proceed in a timely manner. The House approved the bill Sept. 25 on a bipartisan vote of 233-170.

Similar legislation in the Senate, the Federal Permitting Improvement Act (S. 280), was approved by a Senate committee in May, also with significant bipartisan support. Additionally, the Senate version was included in an amendment to a major highway funding bill approved by the full Senate in July, a clear sign this legislation has the chance to be enacted into law.

NRCA expects House and Senate lawmakers will meet in the near future to work out the differences between the House and Senate bills and send final legislation to the president to be signed into law. NRCA will continue working to advance this and other legislation that will reduce regulatory burdens, resulting in improved economic growth and job creation in the roofing industry and throughout the U.S. economy.

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