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Government advocacy

NRCA's Washington, D.C., office serves as NRCA's full-time advocate in our nation's capital and works to advance the roofing industry's public policy agenda in the following areas: tax policy, energy efficiency, labor and workplace regulation, education and work-force training, immigration, regulatory reform, insurance, litigation reform, and health care. NRCA works closely with legislators and officials from the federal government and produces congressional testimony, legislative and regulatory advocacy materials, copy for Professional Roofing magazine and NRCA's website, and regular updates to NRCA members. Additionally, NRCA operates a political action committee, ROOFPAC, which is funded with voluntary contributions from NRCA members and serves to amply the voice of the roofing industry in our nation's capital.

NRCA also establishes and participates in coalitions and industry groups to integrate lobbying activities, identify areas of mutual concern and advance the roofing industry's policy agenda.


ROOFPAC, the federally registered political action committee (PAC) of NRCA, is dedicated to supporting pro-business candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives that understand the effect government regulation has on the bottom lines of roofing businesses. With the support of NRCA members, ROOFPAC can continue its critical mission. 

Donate to ROOFPAC online

NRCA members can donate money to ROOFPAC online usign NRCA's secure server. ROOFPAC contributes money toward pro-business candidates' campaigns during an election cycle. Donations to ROOFPAC help NRCA make a difference in Washington, D.C. 


NRCA issues an Action Alert about commercial roof system depreciation reform

New legislation has been introduced in Congress to reform the depreciation schedule for certain commercial roof systems to help unleash greater economic growth in the roofing industry. NRCA is actively supporting this legislation and has posted an Action Alert urging members to contact their senators and representative in Congress in support of this legislation to broaden its support and increase the chances for enactment into law.

10@10 (Members only)

NRCA's 10@10 is a monthly newsletter that features summaries of government relations issues of interest to the roofing industry. It is published on the 10th of every month in order to provide roofing industry professionals with the latest information on legislative, regulatory and political developments in Washington, D.C.

Special Reports

NRCA issues Special Reports related to government issues affecting the roofing industry. Click here to read NRCA's Special Reports.

Grassroots Advocacy Tool Kit

NRCA has created a tool kit to help you and your business engage in the political process more proactively. This is important because the stronger the voice of the roofing industry, the more positive the effect will be on policies that affect your business.

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