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NRCA's Leadership Development Series

Four- or five-part program

A great leader is passionate and confident, inspiring others to follow his or her example. NRCA University's Leadership Development Series provides the tools that define, develop and improve the leadership, management and communication skills necessary to align your company's vision with action throughout all levels of your organization.

The comprehensive Leadership Development Series comprises three individual training events developed for three tiers in your organization: owners, senior managers and leaders, and field superintendents and foremen.

The program consists of three or four parts, as follows:

Part 1: For Executives and Owners Only

Part 2: For Senior Leaders and Managers Only, Level One

Part 3: For Senior Leaders and Managers Only, Level Two

Part 4: For Foremen Only, Level One

Part 5: For Foremen Only, Level Two (optional)

For more information about contracting a program with NRCA, contact Jeff Jarvis, NRCA's vice president of sales and business development, at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7512 or jjarvis@nrca.net.


For Senior Leaders and Managers Only

"Great class … Tom knows his stuff!"
—Will Gooding, GSM Roofing, Ephrata, Pa.

"I learned to become a better coach, player, manager, leader and a better me. Thanks Tom."
—Nathan Dickerson, Nations Roof of Ohio, Dayton, Ohio

"The information gathered during this class can be immediately implemented."
—Mark South, GSM Roofing, Ephrata, Pa.

"This was a very informative class that will help me moving forward in management."
—Carmelo Pansera, Nation Roof of Illinois, Villa Park, Ill.

"In this class one learns that all leadership styles are appropriate for different situations."
—Ashley Hallowell, GSM Roofing, Ephrata, Pa.

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