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2015 Momentous Institute project

The Momentous Institute has been building and repairing social emotional health for more than 90 years. The Dallas-based organization serves 6,000 kids and family members directly each year through mental health programs and a social emotional health-based curriculum at its nationally acclaimed Momentous School. The Momentous Institute also invests in research, innovative program development and training in an effort to help the children it cannot serve directly. In 2014, the Momentous Institute trained more than 4,500 educators and clinicians, affecting 112,500 children.

In honor of National Roofing Week July 5-11, former NRCA President Nelson Braddy, president of King of Texas Roofing Co. LP, Grand Prairie, led an effort to provide a new roof system for the Momentous Institute. The project involved a TPO re-cover of a 300-square roof, and King of Texas Roofing donated labor for the project—a crew of eight workers plus a foreman and superintendent.

Various companies donated materials for the project. H&E Equipment Services, Baton Rouge, La., donated a lift; Johns Manville, Denver, donated the TPO membrane; OMG Roofing Products, Agawam, Mass., donated fasteners and plates; Roofing Supply Group LLC, Dallas, donated the skylights and roof hatch rail; and Rmax, Dallas, donated the polyisocyanurate insulation. Jim Whitten Roof Consultants LLC, Austin, Texas, provided the design services.

The project was completed in June. For more information about the Momentous Institute, visit www.momentousinstitute.org.

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