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Qualified Assessors

NRCA ProCertification™ Qualified Assessors serve as the performance exam proctors for those seeking installation certifications. Qualified Assessors evaluate and verify NRCA ProCertification participants' hands-on skills. Assessors are uniquely qualified by meeting eligibility requirements, completing two self-paced online training modules, and passing a proctored online exam that is offered at one of hundreds of computer testing centers approved by NRCA and located throughout the U.S.

The NRCA ProCertification Qualified Assessor Certificate Program exists to teach candidates observation and assessment skills and the policies and procedures required to fulfill their roles in the ProCertification program. Prospective candidates must first download and review the Qualified Assessor Participant Handbook by clicking here before applying. NRCA recommends also reviewing other program documents provided in the Links section of this page.

To apply to be an NRCA ProCertification Qualified Assessor, click here.

Why become a Qualified Assessor?

NRCA ProCertification Qualified Assessors play a vital role in the installer certification process; they are the only people authorized to conduct hands-on ProCertification performance exams. Qualified Assessors can represent various sectors of the roofing industry, including manufacturers, distributors, consultants, contractors and other roofing professionals. The benefits of achieving NRCA ProCertification Qualified Assessor status are significant; Qualified Assessors:

  • Can expand their current business by being available to assess ProCertification candidates
  • Generate additional revenue by charging ProCertification candidates an appropriate fee for conducting their performance exams
  • Become more profitable, in general, as their marketability will increase
  • Gain access to NRCA ProCertification materials, including educational content, resources, documents, manuals, policies and procedures, agreements, Job Task Analyses, Authorized Testing Locations, etc.
  • Achieve professional recognition and a Qualified Assessor digital badge certificate from NRCA
  • Have the opportunity to support customers and others pursuing NRCA ProCertification certification(s) by offering Qualified Assessor services
  • Become experts in all aspects of NRCA ProCertification

For more information, call (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722) and ask for NRCA's Certification Department or email QAsupport@nrca.net.

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