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Benefits of certification

Company benefits

The roofing industry is constantly evolving, and as you look for ways to grow your business, you also need to find ways for your workers to grow. This holds true for existing, experienced workers and new employees. Labor shortages and worker retention continue to be a struggle in the roofing industry, and NRCA is helping you address this issue through its national certification program, NRCA ProCertification™.

When you invest in your workers, you show them you appreciate their knowledge and skills set and want them to have successful careers with your company. By certifying your workforce, you demonstrate your commitment to professionalism, quality and your employees' futures while also providing your company with a significant competitive advantage.

Additional benefits to certifying your workforce include:

  • Strengthened customer and supplier confidence
  • Increased productivity
  • Consistency of installation (fewer problems and call backs)
  • Improved safety
  • Enhanced reputation and position in your local market(s)
  • Increased profitability

When you consider all the benefits of certifying your workforce, you quickly realize it can dramatically and positively affect your company. Why not start the process right now? To download the Quick Start Guide for Employers, click here. To download the Quick Start Guide for Qualified Assessors, click here.

Employee benefits

There always will be a strong demand for people who can install roof systems properly and safely. Roofing work allows people to work with their hands to build and create roofs—the single most important component of a home or building that is essential to protecting customers' most valuable possessions. NRCA ProCertification provides experienced roofing workers the ability to demonstrate their skills and knowledge and become certified by NRCA in specific roof systems installations. Professional certification offers workers the opportunity to take pride in and be recognized for their skills and expertise—recognition that can stay with them forever. The demand for skilled roof system installers is real, and the opportunities are limitless.

Additional benefits of becoming an NRCA ProCertified installer include:

  • National, professional achievement and recognition
  • Certifications and badges stay with workers throughout their careers
  • Increased knowledge and confidence
  • Expertise and skills independently validated by NRCA
  • Increased employer confidence and potentially pay
  • Pride in professionalism

To download the Quick Start Guide for Roof System Installer, click here. To download the Quick Start Guide for Roofing Foreman, click here.

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