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NRCA's statement of purpose

NRCA was formed in 1886 to preserve and promote the art of roofing application. NRCA members recognize that after more than a century of innovation in roofing technology and roof system application, the following goals are as meaningful and relevant today as they were yesterday and will be tomorrow.

NRCA remains a strong supporter of open competition and the free enterprise system; this competitive environment has led to its member firms' success. NRCA members recognize that the perpetuation of a healthy business environment is influenced by their own professional conduct. NRCA supports the following practices and encourages members to support them, as well.

Professional roofing contractors:
  • Are honest and straightforward with customers, submitting reasonable proposals and answering all questions pertaining to those proposals
  • Offer evidence that their companies are insured, as well as bonded and/or licensed, where it is appropriate or required
  • Encourage their employees to be courteous and law-abiding
  • Stand behind their work, offering warranties or guarantees where appropriate
  • Enter into contracts that are fair and equitable and clearly assign and delineate responsibilities
  • Enter into contracts for work they know they are qualified to perform and honor such contracts to the best of their abilities
  • Are thoughtful and caring in their relationships with their employees
  • Recognize that employee health and safety are of paramount concern to the company and its employees
  • Support education and training for their employees
  • Welcome opportunities to share information about their industry with others in their communities

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