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NRCA University's goal is the same as it's always been: to create and offer resources to help roofing contractors, industry professionals and those needing accurate, professional roofing education. During the past few years, NRCA University also has housed the Workforce Solutions Committee and associated efforts to discern and provide solutions for some of the industry's workforce needs.

The newest endeavor of NRCA University has been developing and firming foundations of NRCA's ProCertification program.

NRCA's ProCertification program will have two main components:
  1. Comprehensive training designed to train roofing workers to install and repair all U.S. roofing and waterproofing systems
  2. Assessments—both knowledge and skills—to allow roofing workers to earn certifications, affirming their expertise to themselves and others
The goals of this program are strategically aimed at improving the roofing industry by providing a system of training and recognition. Inside the industry, contractors will have access to a program to educate their employees to work responsibly and be motivated by seeing next steps for their career advancement. Outside the industry, certifications will resonate with potential employees and institutions capable of informing those individuals. Overall, the roofing industry will be better poised to compete with other trades and industries seeking to recruit young laborers.

NRCA University has been developing and solidifying the foundations necessary to operate and scale the ProCertification program. Work this year has focused on three main areas:
  • Technology to handle online training and tracking
  • Train-the-trainer programming to train those who will serve as the backbone of the program, handling in-person skills training and assessment observations
  • Content development of the training programs and certification assessments
NRCA intends to roll out the first parts of the program midway through fiscal year 2017-18.

NRCA University maintains NRCA's Career Center. This part of NRCA's website includes content to recruit and retain employees, including ways to post and find jobs, videos to show at recruiting opportunities and information to help position your company as an employer of choice for workers. Visit the website to find editable job descriptions for most field employee positions.

NRCA University continues to uphold the value of excellence in leadership development.
  • The seventh class of the Future Executives Institute graduated this past March at the International Roofing Expo.®
  • More than 40 contractors scheduled NRCA's For Foremen Only programs to educate their field managers to become better leaders and communicators.
  • Twelve foremen have completed the ProForeman Certificate Program intended to help foremen become better crew leaders, customer service leaders and company leaders.
Additional efforts from this year include continuing a commitment to regularly offer members free webinars that will help them improve their business in every area; maintaining the Certified Roofing Torch Applicator (CERTA) program; developing and maintaining online programming; and keeping an open ear to member needs regarding education and the workforce.

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