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National Roofing Week 2017

National Roofing Week 2017 was held June 4-10 to increase awareness across the U.S. about the significance of roofs to every home and business and share the industry's good deeds.

A Salute to Crews and Staff

NRCA members are proud of their employees!

Training Initiatives

NRCA members value the training they offer to their employees.

Giving Back to the Community

NRCA members have been busy with charitable projects this year!

Signature Projects

NRCA members have been part of some truly amazing roofing projects!

2017 Children's Art Contest Winners

You voted—who won? Check out this video to see the winning entries for NRCA's Children's Art Contest, sponsored by A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply and the International Roofing Expo!

How You Celebrate

NRCA members share the ways their companies celebrate National Roofing Week.

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