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Certifications provide an opportunity for experienced individuals to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Certifications ultimately will be available for all major roof, waterproofing, and rooftop solar system installations, as well as roof repair and maintenance.

A certification is earned by passing a two-part exam as follows:

  • Part one tests knowledge; in an online exam, participants must answer questions correctly to establish their knowledge.
  • Part two tests practical, hands-on skills; participants will be instructed to complete specific tasks to demonstrate their installation skills, including safety and manufacturer instruction comprehension. A Qualified Assessor observes and evaluates the performance.
Certifications do not provide training and do not require specific training; they are created for skilled industry field workers. An installer will be able to take the certification test once he or she meets specific eligibility requirements (e.g., a certain number of years' experience and/or training).

Knowledge tests will be taken at local testing facilities, where the online assessments can be proctored (someone in the room verifies participants are following the rules for taking exams). Certification skills will be assessed by NRCA Qualified Assessors, who will be located throughout the U.S.

ProCertification Certifications to be made available in 2018 include:

  • Thermoplastic (e.g., TPO and PVC) single-ply roof system installer
  • Asphalt shingles installer
Certifications will be offered in English and Spanish.

The methods for registering and pricing will be posted soon.

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