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Recognized Training Centers

An NRCA ProCertification Recognized Training Center (RTC) is a physical location where trainees can go to receive coaching for certain hands-on installation tasks and/or classroom training for certain roof or waterproofing system(s) to master their knowledge and skills. Trainees can learn about and practice installation tasks they may not have had the opportunity to learn on the job. Training services provided at RTCs will be offered by NRCA ProCertification Qualified Trainers.

Many RTCs will employ an NRCA ProCertification Qualified Trainer and offer scheduled ProCertification training events. RTCs provide training venues that are open to all Qualified Trainers for conducting ProCertification program training, though individual RTCs may deny access at their discretion to certain trainees or other trainers.

Each NRCA ProCertification RTC will offer unique, system-specific training services. For example, an RTC only may offer classroom training services. Or an RTC only may offer training for one or two types of roof systems (e.g., thermoplastic membrane, asphalt shingle, polymer-modified bitumen, EPDM membrane, liquid-applied membrane, metal panel) or for many systems. The training mockups, materials, tools and equipment may vary by location. Each RTC will be unique in what they can or cannot offer.

Example of NRCA ProCertification RTC locations include:

  • Roofing contractor shops
  • Local building material distributors' sites
  • Local manufacturers' training centers
  • Community colleges
  • Vocational training centers
  • Local union training facilities
NRCA will publish an NRCA ProCertification Participating RTC Manual that outlines details of the RTC relationship with NRCA, including general and specific terms and conditions, policies and procedures, and recommendations for quality training center setup. It is important to note that requirements for NRCA ProCertification Authorized Testing Centers (ATCs) are different from those of RTCs.

NRCA will publish an online directory of ProCertification RTCs searchable by ZIP code and filtered by system type(s).

For information about becoming a recognized training center, please contact Jared Ribble, NRCA's manager of training and testing centers, at jribble@nrca.net.


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