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Qualified Trainers and Assessors

Various roofing industry professionals will be interested in becoming NRCA Qualified Trainers and/or Qualified Assessors.

NRCA Qualified Trainers will be uniquely trained to help installers learn and practice skills necessary to successfully complete the ProCertification training programs. Qualified Trainers will have access to NRCA's ProCertification online environment to verify successful completion. Qualified Trainers must be competent in the appropriate discipline's installation skills.

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NRCA Qualified Assessors will be the only people able to verify ProCertification participants' hands-on skills. Qualified Assessors are not permitted to assess people who work for their own companies; although roofing company employees are not prohibited from becoming qualified assessors, they may not assess their co-workers.

Qualified Assessors will become qualified via online training and by passing a proctored online exam. The first Qualified Assessor training, for thermoplastic (TPO/PVC) roof systems, will be available in 2018.

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