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CNA offers guidelines for safe work practices on snow-covered roofs

As the U.S. begins snow season, it is helpful to review Chicago-based CNA's guidelines to protect against the risks of working on snow-covered roofs.

During the winter, it may be necessary to perform work on a snow-covered roof, such as making emergency roof repairs, servicing roof-mounted equipment or removing snow to prevent roof collapse. Working on a snow-covered roof poses significant risks, including serious falls and exposure to extreme cold.

CNA's guidelines can help you identify the hazards and take action to keep the risks under control.

To view CNA's guidelines for safe work practices on snow-covered roofs, click here.

It also is important that homeowners and building owners know how to handle roof issues after a snowstorm. NRCA's consumer website, www.everybodyneedsaroof.com, provides information that members can offer homeowners and building owners, including how to help them select an NRCA professional following a natural disaster, such as "Roof Repair After a Snowstorm." To view these documents, click here.


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