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Homeowners and business owners affected by Hurricane Harvey should use caution regarding roof repairs

NRCA is advising homeowners and business owners in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey to use extreme caution during the inspection and restoration process of their roof systems in the hurricane's aftermath.

NRCA recommends inspection and repair of damaged roofs happen as quickly as possible. Most wind damage begins on the edges of roof systems. When roofing material loosens, the wind's suction can raise the material and the wind's pressure can further push the material. Once the roof system's underside is exposed, not only can rain can get in, but it also gives the wind more to grab, resulting in a peeling effect. Subsequent winds continue to push roofing material up and over a little more each time until an entire corner of the deck or insulation becomes exposed.

Homeowners and business owners should not attempt a roof system inspection if it cannot be performed from the ground level and should not attempt repairs on their own. Damage assessment of a roof system and subsequent repairs should be performed by a professional roofing contractor.

Homeowners and business owners also should be aware of unprofessional contractors who may approach them about performing roof system repairs. If it is necessary to hire a roofing contractor, consumers should keep a healthy skepticism about the lowest bid. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Price is only one criterion for selecting a professional roofing contractor; professionalism and quality workmanship also must be considered. Potential contractors should be thoroughly evaluated before a deposit is made or any reroofing work begins.

To locate an NRCA professional contractor, homeowners and business owners can visit NRCA's consumer website at www.everybodyneedsaroof.com.

For a list of criteria to consider when hiring a professional roofing contractor, click here.



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