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Let consumers know experienced roofing professionals are available for post-hurricane repairs

Be sure homeowners and business owners know NRCA members are available to provide expertise in the areas affected by Hurricane Michael regarding immediate steps to take to restore a damaged roof system in the storm's aftermath.

Consumers must exercise extreme caution when selecting a roofing contractor to make subsequent repairs. It is important they are aware fraudulent contractors take advantage of homeowners with damaged homes and will prey on the emotions of homeowners and business owners whose roof systems have been badly damaged by Hurricane Michael.

NRCA's consumer website, www.everybodyneedsaroof.com, offers resources roofing professionals can share with their customers regarding how to handle roof system repairs after natural disasters such as hurricanes. The resources include criteria for selecting a professional roofing contractor; what to do before making roof system repairs; post-storm safety tips; and insurance information.

View the document regarding roof system repair after a hurricane and share with your customers.

To view the natural disaster resources page, click here.


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