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New online training modules now are available!

NRCA University has made available two new modules of Design Essentials for Roof Performance, an online training program that offers an easy, affordable way to learn about designing for optimal roof system performance. The program explains the issues to consider when determining which roof systems or components are best for a building type, location and building owner's requirements. Design Essentials for Roof Performance eventually will consist of more than 20 modules that address various low- and steep-slope roof systems and related topics such as codes, condensation control and roof decks, all focusing on why certain design elements are essential.

The two new modules are Liquid-applied Roof Membranes and Rigid Board Roof Insulation.

After completing Liquid-applied Roof Membranes, participants will be able to describe liquid-applied roof membranes; identify components and requirements of liquid-applied roof systems; and evaluate advantages and disadvantages of liquid-applied roof membranes and installations.

After completing Rigid Board Roof Insulation, participants will be able to identify the functions of rigid board roof insulation; demonstrate a general understanding of thermal insulation principles; recognize different rigid board roof insulation materials used in roof assemblies; and identify design criteria for roof assembly thermal insulation.

The program is ideal for those who have successfully completed NRCA's Roofing 101 program. Participants can earn various continuing education credits and receive certificates of completion following an exam at the end of each module.

The Liquid-applied Roof Membranes module is $45 for members and $95 for nonmembers; for more information or to purchase, click here. The Rigid Board Roof Insulation module is $95 for members and $195 for nonmembers; for more information or to purchase, click here.



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