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NRCA issues Action Alert regarding tax reform

Congress is moving forward regarding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, legislation to reform the tax code. NRCA supports the concept of lowering tax rates to spur greater levels of investment and job creation, which this legislation attempts to do.

However, it is crucial lawmakers get the details of tax reform correct and fully address the concerns of pass-through businesses, including many NRCA members. As Congress finalizes tax reform legislation, it is critical lawmakers improve tax reform in the House and Senate to provide family-owned businesses with a 25 percent tax rate on business income. Unfortunately, the current Senate version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act excludes trusts and estates from the 23 percent pass-through deduction on business income, which would preclude such businesses from benefiting from tax reform.

NRCA has posted an Action Alert urging NRCA members to ask their members of Congress to protect pass-through businesses in tax reform.

To take action and email your members of Congress, visit the NRCA Grassroots Advocacy Network at roofingadvocacy.nrca.net.


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