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NRCA offers national health care program (Members Only)

Through NRCA's partnership with National General Benefits Solutions, NRCA offers the NRCA National Health Care Program.

The program has been expanded to offer two provider networks to each member company with more than 30 participants. Employees of these companies will be able to choose at enrollment whether to be covered by Aetna or Cigna. This will give members and their employees enhanced buying power by being able to choose the program with the best local network, coverage options and, importantly, premium options. In addition, the program now will offer more robust dental, life and disability insurance options.

NRCA member companies with more than 10 participating employees are eligible.

CIGNA and Aetna offer a preferred provider organization program, as well as superior wellness and care management options. The program gives NRCA members flexibility to develop their own eligibility rules and cost-sharing arrangements with their employees.

The management of National General Benefits Solutions has a long history of success with multiple public insurance and financial services companies and has the committed resources and expertise to help this program fulfill your needs.

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