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NRCA University offers CERTA classes

NRCA University will offer CERTA Train-the-trainer Authorization Sept. 13 and CERTA Train-the-trainer Reauthorization Sept. 14 at the Building & Fire Code Academy, Elgin, Ill.

With CERTA Train-the-trainer Authorization, participants can earn continuing education units by learning about new industry best practices for torch-applied polymer-modified bitumen roof systems and gaining the teaching skills needed to train others regarding torch safety.

CERTA Train-the-trainer Reauthorization allows authorized CERTA trainers to renew their accreditations, which need to be renewed every three years. Participants will advance their training and facilitation skills and demonstrate their skills using a roofing torch.

For more information about CERTA Train-the-trainer Authorization, click here. For more information about CERTA Train-the-trainer Reauthorization, click here.


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