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NRCA wants your videos!

Do you have an employee who inspires you? To celebrate Labor Day, NRCA wants to know which of your employees inspires you and why!

The instructions are simple: Think of an employee who inspires you, get together with that person and explain why they inspire you. Use your phone to record the video—it should be no longer than 60 seconds—and either send the video to NRCA or post it on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram videos should be posted during the week of Aug. 26 and use the hashtag #roofinginspires. Be sure to also tag "National Roofing Contractors Association" in your Facebook post and "@nrcanews" in your Instagram post.

If you choose to send NRCA your video, please email it to adesantis@nrca.net during the week of Aug. 26, and we'll post it for you.

NRCA will share the video posts on Facebook and Instagram Aug. 27 through Aug. 31—the week before Labor Day.


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