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Number of right-to-work states reaches 28

Gov. Eric Greitens (R-Mo.) signed a right-to-work measure Feb. 6, making Missouri the 28th state with such a law, according to constructiondive.com.

The new regulation states workers are not required to pay dues or join unions when working on union projects and job sites; Greitens campaigned upon the promise in the run-up to his election victory in November 2016.

Those in favor of the measure say it would create a business-friendly environment in the state, but labor union representatives argue such laws are meant to diminish union influence and would only decrease wages and workplace safety conditions.

Missouri Democrats were able to kill similar bills in the past because former Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed them. Union representatives are determined to beat the new regulation and filed to put a right-to-work measure on Missouri's 2018 ballot, which is only possible if they can get backing from 5 percent of voters in two-thirds of Missouri's congressional districts by Aug. 28. If they succeed, the right-to-work law signed by Greitens will be forced into limbo until Election Day.

Kentucky passed right-to-work legislation in January along with a law eliminating the prevailing wage requirement for state-funded projects. Missouri and Kentucky are the latest Midwest states—following Indiana and Michigan—to enact such laws.



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