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Protecting construction equipment with technology

Contractors can implement asset telematics and get protection from several risks to their equipment in a cost-effective way, according to www.forconstructionpros.com.

IoT technology in the form of telematics can help you monitor maintenance needs of equipment, set boundaries for equipment on job sites and prevent and recover equipment from theft.

Receiving alert notifications gives real-time access to equipment information like odometer and hour readings, service interval indicators, hydraulics and more. This data reduces the chance of equipment breaking down and extends the life of the machine.

The location technology helps protect employees and equipment from unsafe working conditions. By creating virtual boundaries, it can define unsafe grounds, get alerts of equipment moving in and out of the marked zones and get immediate notifications of an operator in trouble.

This technology can monitor unauthorized use of the equipment through reports or real-time alerts. Whether an employee is misusing the equipment or equipment is stolen, it can locate it giving the best chance for recovery.

Telematics is a way to implement technology as an additional layer of safety to protect equipment and operators.


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