Roofing industry-specific ladder safety video and job-site app

March 14, 2019

NRCA and its industry partners developed a new ladder safety video showcasing the use of the free National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ladder safety app aimed at improving ladder safety.

Falls and injuries from ladders are preventable. Misjudging the ladder angle, improper setup and improper use all contribute to accidents. The new video shows how to properly, safely set up and use ladders, including how to use the NIOSH Ladder Safety App.

The NIOSH Ladder Safety app includes an angle of inclination indicator, making it easy to set an extension ladder at the proper angle of 75.5 degrees. This feature allows most mobile devices to provide a visual and audible signal when the ladder angle is set correctly. The Ladder Safety app also includes additional information about ladder selection, inspection, accessorizing and use.

NRCA is pleased to share this video showcasing the NIOSH ladder application for the roofing industry as part of its partnership with The Center for Construction Research and Training, and the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers union. This five-year safety partnership has developed many safety-related products for the benefit of roofing worker safety.

To view the ladder safety video, click here. The NIOSH app is available through the NIOSH website, Apple App Store and Android Market.