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National Safety Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction

During May 8-12, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is partnering with key groups, including employers, unions, trade associations, government agencies and professional societies, to conduct a voluntary National Safety Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction. The purpose of this effort is to raise awareness among employers and workers about the hazards of falls, which account for the highest number of deaths in the construction industry.

The purpose of the stand-down is to devote time during the workday to present a focused toolbox or tailgate talk to workers about fall hazard recognition, fall-protection systems and procedures, and company policies critical to keeping workers safe. NRCA and the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers (UURWAW) have partnered to provide resources for roofing contractors to assist them in participating in this important effort. Roofing contractors are encouraged to click on the links below for additional information about the stand-down and for focused toolbox talks suitable for use during the week of May 8 and throughout the year.

Take advantage of a free live webinar presented by Rich Trewyn, NRCA's director of enterprise risk management. Trewyn discuss the hazards present after a worker has fallen from a roof and his or her personal fall-arrest system has deployed or activated. Click here to register for the free webinar.

Click here to read a Joint Statement from NRCA's CEO and UURWAW International President.

Click here to visit OSHA's National Safety Stand-Down's webpage.

NRCA Fall-protection Toolbox Talks:
Click here to view special materials about fall protection developed by UURWAW.


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