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BECx LCAs, PCRs and zEPI - New sustainability terms and concepts will affect roofing projects

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sustainability; terms; concepts; environmental product declaration; EPD; life cycle assessment; LCA; Building enclosure commissioning; BECx; benchmarking; net-zero energy building; nZEB; zero energy performance index; zEPI

As the sustainability movement grows, construction projects are becoming more complex. An unfortunate reality of this complexity is the documentation required to demonstrate compliance with various requirements common to projects with sustainable and/or high-performance goals. Voluntary points-based programs such as Green Globes,® LEED® and RoofPoint™ have terms and concepts that may be foreign to many in the construction industry—especially those working on one of these project types for the first time. To assist you, following are some sustainable terms and concepts with which you should become familiar, as well as an explanation why they may be encountered.

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