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Jason Wilen, AIA, director of technical services
(847) 299-9070, ext. 7572

Jason P. Wilen, AIA, an NRCA director of technical services, joined NRCA in 2011 after 18 years with architectural, forensic and roof consulting firms. He holds a bachelor of architecture degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, and is a licensed architect in Illinois. For NRCA, he is responsible for developing technical documents, responding to requests for technical assistance, coordinating with technical committees and contributing articles to Professional Roofing magazine.

Wilen is NRCA's Primary Organizational Representative for ASHRAE's Standard 90.1-Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-rise Residential Buildings Committee. He also is a voting member of both the 90.1 Building Envelope Subcommittee and ASHRAE's Standard 189.1's Main Committee for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings. Wilen also serves as chair for ASHRAE 189.1's Work Group 10: Construction and Plans for Operation. Wilen is active with a number of ASTM International committees, including D08 (Roofing and Waterproofing) and E60 (Sustainability). He also is a member of the International Code Council, The American Institute of Architects, RCI Inc., The Construction Specifications Institute and U.S. Green Building Council.

To read technical articles and papers written by Wilen, click here to visit NRCA's technical library database and search by author.

The following is a list of technical articles and papers written by Wilen:

All Charged Up

Keeping an Eye on I-Codes: Roofing-related changes in the 2018 I-Codes

Ashrae 90.1 Update

Keeping an Eye on I-Codes: Roofing-related changes in the 2018 I-Codes

Rooftop photosynthesis - The NRCA Vegetative Roof Systems Manual-Third Edition includes important updates for roofing professionals

Setting the standard - Roofing-related provisions of ASHRAE 90.1-2016

Energy code requirements for commercial low-slope roof assemblies

Sustainable by design - The Green Globes® Building Certification System Gains Momentum

Guidelines for designing low-slope membrane roof systems

What do you declare? Environmental Product Declarations may change the way roofing projects are specified

It's a wash - There is much to consider when cleaning low-slope cool roof membranes

Covering Your Options - Cover boards are available in a variety of sizes and materials

BECx LCAs, PCRs and zEPI - New sustainability terms and concepts will affect roofing projects

Collaborating with Consultants - Working with roof consultants can be beneficial, but there are some issues to address

For Your Consideration - The use of alternative underlayments with steep-slope roof coverings should be carefully considered

The Art and Science of Electronic Leak Detection - Electronic leak detection can be an important tool, but its use must be carefully considered

Still Water Runs Deep - Proper roof slope and drainage are important to prevent excessive water accumulation

Thinking Outside the Seam - Electromagnetic induction welding systems offer an alternative

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