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Make the most of your NRCA membership! Be sure to subscribe to the following offerings to stay informed about current industry and NRCA news affecting your business.

Professional Roofing magazine: The digital edition is now available for iPad or Android devices! NRCA's official monthly publication offers timely, credible and objective information to keep you up to speed with the latest news, events and industry research. NRCA members enjoy free subscriptions! For more information or to learn about advertising opportunities, click here.

NRCA E-News: Stay current with NRCA and roofing industry developments with NRCA's electronic newsletter (delivered Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).

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Roof Scoop: NRCA's official blog publishes timely news and commentary of interest to the roofing industry. Roof Scoop is a quick and easy way for you to stay up to date with news, member stories, NRCA announcements and more!

www.nrca.net: NRCA's website contains more than 30,000 pages of information about NRCA and the roofing industry pertaining to members, roofing professionals and consumers. Make www.nrca.net your No. 1 destination for roofing industry information!

As an NRCA member, you receive the following exclusive communications:

For Members Only (FMO): Exclusively for NRCA members, this monthly newsletter communicates the latest roofing industry developments and NRCA activities written from the perspective of NRCA's CEO Reid Ribble.

NRCA's 10@10: This members-only monthly electronic newsletter features the current progress and initiatives of government-related issues, programs and policies that apply to the roofing industry. Stay informed about NRCA's latest efforts in Washington, D.C.! (For more information about NRCA's Washington, D.C., representation, click here.)

Industry Issue Updates: For members only, each Industry Issue Update is written by industry experts who focus on one issue or topic, including technical, risk management, safety, legal and government issues.

NRCA Insider: These reports feature an update from NRCA's president, a video report from NRCA CEO, Reid Ribble, and NRCA staff and leadership videos so you can better connect with fellow members and NRCA staff.

Special Reports: NRCA provides comprehensive special reports, including white papers, position statements and other exclusive bulletins to provide you with updates on current industry-related issues.

Did you know?
NRCA contractor members also are automatically members of the National Legal Resource Center (NRLRC). NRLRC members receive access to a number of legal communications, publications and even legal assistance! Visit www.nrlrc.net to learn more.

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