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Authorized trainer FAQs

Q1: Is there data to support reduced fire losses in the roofing industry directly attributable to the CERTA program?

A1: Yes. The number of serious roofing torch-related fire incidents has decreased significantly since 2004 when the CERTA program was implemented in the roofing industry. In 2002, one major insurance company paid 35 roofing torch-related fire losses of more than $1,000 and 11 of more than $500,000. A decade later, in 2012, the same insurance company did not have any recordable losses. Many factors have influenced this decline, and CERTA is one that has clearly has played a significant role in the safe use of roofing torches throughout the roofing industry.

Q2: I just completed my CERTA Authorized Train-the-trainer program. What do I do to start training roofing workers?

A2: Familiarize yourself with all the requirements in the CERTA Instructors guide that you received during your class. Prepare for and schedule your first registered torch applicator certification class as soon as you can while the information still is fresh in your mind.

Q3: How do I schedule and register a torch applicator certification class?

A3: You will need to register each training session in advance. NRCA will register and confirm your session by providing you with a session number. Once registered, you may conduct the training at anytime within seven business days after receiving a valid training session number from NRCA. Do not proceed with a training session unless you have received a session registration number. Training sessions conducted without first being registered will not be recognized.

Q4: Can NRCA or CNA audit my registered torch applicator certification class?

A4: Yes. It is possible that NRCA or CNA may audit your class. Audits are conducted randomly and without notice.

Q5: What can happen if NRCA finds out I was not following the policies and procedures of the CERTA program?

A5: If at any time during an authorized CERTA trainer's term he is found not complying with the policies and procedures set forth in the CERTA program or takes any action or behavior deemed inappropriate relating to the conduct of his training efforts, NRCA may take the following actions:
  • Revoke the trainer's authorized status
  • Revoke the certified status of all individuals the trainer has trained
The authorized trainer, individuals the trainer has certified and their employers immediately will be notified of these actions. Under no circumstances will NRCA refund tuition fees, certification fees or recertification fees paid by the trainer or on their behalves.

Q6: How do I acquire the training materials to conduct a CERTA training session?

A6: If you currently have a CD-ROM that includes these training materials, please discard it as changes have been made to the documents. The Certification and Recertification documents have been updated and are available for you to download from NRCA's website in the CERTA classes section under Trainer resources by clicking here. The materials contained on the Web are copyright-protected and may not be used for resale by any individual.

Q7: I have properly registered and conducted a torch applicator certification class. What do I need to do to have my trainees certified?

A7: You must complete and submit to NRCA the Training Session Roster report. This form is formatted as an Excel spreadsheet and is available on NRCA's website in the CERTA classes section under Trainer resources. You can email or fax this form to NRCA. You will find a description of the information needed for this form and instructions for submitting it in your CERTA Instructors Guide.

Q8: Now that I have submitted the Training Session Roster form to NRCA, what else do I need to do?

A8: You must submit payment of the certification fees to NRCA for each trainee you wish to certify. Roofing workers who have completed training are not considered certified until the fee is paid. Instructions for submitting payment are in your Instructors Guide.

Q9: I am an authorized CERTA trainer who also wants to be a certified torch applicator. How do I get certified?

A9: Your employer must complete and submit the Employer Verification form that you received during your CERTA Authorized Train-the-trainer class. The employer also must pay a fee for your torch applicator certification. This form contains instructions for submittal to NRCA. If you do not have this form, you can request a copy by contacting Diana S. Arroyo, assistant manager of NRCA University at (847) 299-9070, ext. 7597 or CERTAadmin@nrca.net.

Q10: My CERTA Authorized Trainer status will expire soon. How do I renew it?

A10: Click here to read the instructions provided in the "Renewal policies and procedures" section of NRCA's Web site.

Q11: Where can I find additional information about the CERTA program?

A11: For more information, click here, or contact Diana S. Arroyo, assistant manager of NRCA University at (847) 299-9070, ext. 7597 or CERTAadmin@nrca.net.

Q12: If students fail the written exam, can they take the exam again or do they have to take the entire class over again?

A12: If students fail the written exam, NRCA staff will work with them to find a testing center where they can retake the exam. If students prefer, they can sit through the classroom portion of another CERTA Train-the-trainer class and then retake the exam during the lunch hour. They do not have to participate in the hands-on portion of the class again. If they prefer the latter option, their tuition will be comped.

Q13: Who can sign the Employer Verification of CERTA Trainer/Applicator Torching Experience form if the trainer is the boss or owner?

A13: If the trainer is the boss or owner, NRCA needs a reference (name and contact information) of someone outside the company who can attest to them having a minimum of three years' torching experience. NRCA will call the reference to verify a trainer's experience.

Q14: Can a trainer have more than 20 students in a class?

A14: Yes, a trainer can have more than 20 students in the classroom, however, not in the hands-on portion. A ratio of 20 students per authorized trainer must be maintained for the hands-on portion of a registered applicator training session.

Q15: Does a person have to know how to use a torch to attend the train-the-trainer class?

A15: Yes, otherwise, he will not pass the hands-on part of the class. If he does not possess torching skills, he should spend time before the class with a roofing crew to learn how to handle a torch, set it up, break it down and practice using it.

For more information, contact Diana Arroyo, assistant manager of NRCA University at (847) 299-9070, ext. 7597, or CERTAadmin@nrca.net.

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