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CERTA classes

CERTA train-the-trainer Authorization

NRCA University provides train-the-trainer classes to authorize CERTA trainers. CERTA-authorized trainers then can conduct training classes for roofing workers who want to become CERTA-authorized applicators.
For information about CERTA train-the-trainer Authorization classes, click here.

Participants are taught how to properly use personal protective equipment and first-aid procedures specific to torching activities, torch equipment safety, rooftop fire hazard identification and mitigation, and post-torch work fire-watch techniques. For a summary of torching application guidelines, see "New CERTA Guidelines."

CERTA train-the-trainer Reauthorization

A certified roofing torch applicator must renew his or her certification status every three years. A CERTA-authorized trainer also must renew his or her accreditations every three years. NRCA University also provides CERTA train-the-trainer reauthorization classes. For information about CERTA train-the-trainer Reauthorization classes, click here.

Roofing contractors employing CERTA-authorized applicators will typically identify their CERTA-trained personnel to illustrate their companies' commitment to safety. CERTA-authorized applicators receive and carry a personalized CERTA identification card noting their successful completion and status in the CERTA program.

For more information, contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722) or info@nrca.net.

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