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Creating or Improving a Service/Maintenance Center

This half-day management seminar provides contractors with information and tools to build or improve service/maintenance centers within their businesses. It addresses administration and management, sales and marketing, and operations and finance issues affecting a successful service/maintenance center.

Service/maintenance centers can generate significant profit for companies, yet they often are missed opportunities for roofing contractors. Now, NRCA has a program that provides contractors with information and tools to build or improve their service/maintenance centers.

Program participants will learn detailed information about the following topics:
  • Ways to administer and manage a service/maintenance center successfully
  • Ideas for sales and marketing that will help get the word out to potential customers
  • Methods of operation and systems for managing logistics
  • Ways to view and control a center's finances
For more information about contracting a program with NRCA, contact Jeff Jarvis, NRCA's vice president of sales and business development, at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7512 or jjarvis@nrca.net.


"The information was valuable and validating. It gave me a good overall view of my service department."
—Michael Collins, Collins Roofing Inc., Lehi, Utah

"The class covered factors that must be considered in establishing an effective service/maintenance center."
John Rugg, ESR Energy Saving Roofing LLC, Windber, Pa.

"The conference was informative and did not take three or four days of my time to attend—I liked that it was done in a single day."
—Jeremy DeMuth, Kirberg Company, Kansas City, Kan.

"Time well spent—the 'nuts and bolts' of the whole operation were well presented."
—Thomas Cleary, Jones & Cleary Roofing, Chicago

"This was very timely. It not only included the money side but the planning, training and emotional part of planning your next stop in life. We all think about it, but do we have the ability to walk out the door? I can now say, 'Yes!' I have the ability to make the plan and to make it work. Thanks."
—M. Carpenter, Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal, Tualatin, Ore.

"This program presented a lot of complex issues which were explained in a concise and understandable format. This subject matter is vitally important to any small business owner. Very eye opening."

"Very good seminar! I wish this seminar had been available 10 years ago."
—K. Gwyn, Triad Roofing Co. Inc., Winston Salem, N.C.

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