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Frequently asked questions

Q. How long is the FEI program?
A. Three consecutive years.

Q. When does the next FEI class start?
A. A new class starts every other year. The next class will be held in the fall of 2018. If you would like to be contacted when details are available for the next class, please contact Janice Davis, directer of NRCA University Administration, at jdavis@nrca.net or (800) 323-9545, Ext. 7505.

Q. How often does the class meet?
A. Each year, the class meets in the fall for up to four days and up to two days during NRCA's annual convention.

Q. What is the cost of program?
A. The cost of tuition can vary from class to class. Click here to see the current tuition, as well as to find out more about the application program and requirements.

Q. What is included in the cost of the program?
A. Tuition, books, handouts, most meals and social activities during the fall sessions and NRCA annual convention sessions. A three-night hotel stay is included for the fall session, and all students are required to stay at the hotel during this session.

Q. Do I still have to register for the convention even though there is an FEI class during convention?
A. Yes, you should register with Informa. FEI tuition does not include registration for NRCA's annual convention.

Q. How big is the FEI class?
A. Class size reflects qualified applications and can vary. Acceptance into the program is based on criteria designed to ensure a candidate has a background that allows for sharing and learning from others' experiences and prepares him/her for the course work.

Q. Can two people from the same company register?
A. More than one student from the same company may apply to the program as long as each works in a different physical operation. However, it is not preferred. The success of the FEI experience is rooted in a student's ability to comfortably share thoughts and questions without hesitancy; therefore, two persons from the same company at the same location will not be accepted into the same class. A second candidate from the same company but different location will only be considered if there are seats available, and as such, is subject to an interview by the admissions committee.

Q. How much homework is involved?
A. Participants will be responsible for completing a variety of challenging projects and assignments. Some will involve individual projects about each participant's company. Others will be team assignments with other class members.

Q. How many students have graduated?
A. 158 students have graduated since the program began in 2002, and 29 of them have gone on to become NRCA directors.

Q. What are the requirements to register for the FEI program?
A. To get the most out of this experience, a successful applicant will have the following.
  • Five or more years of industry experience preferred
  • A knowledge of his or her company's structure, operations, and financial and accounting methods
  • Increasingly responsible management experience
  • Be at least 25 years old
Applications will be reviewed by the Future Executives Institute Committee.

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