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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is an NRCA ProForeman certificate?
A. An NRCA ProForeman certificate is an assessment-based certificate your employees can earn. It signifies that the one who has earned the certificate has successfully completed all elements of the NRCA ProForeman program. In most cases, success is indicated by passing assessments after completing activities.

Q. How much does the program cost?
A. To determine your cost, see the Tuition Structure. Cost is determined by credits and varies depending on training activities participants already may have completed, as well as potential company discounts.

Q. How much time will an employee have to spend away from the office?
A. The program includes three one-day conferences and a host of other activities, such as online classes and webinars. Participants do not have to repeat classes in which they have already participated, so the number of classes in which they will need to participate depends on previous training experiences. The other activities may be completed during the work day or at other times. This is a decision for each company.

Q. How long does it take to complete the program?
A. The program is self-paced, so length is determined by the participant. It also depends on whether he or she already has fulfilled any of the requirements. Participants are allotted two years to finish the program.

Q. What if someone doesn't complete the program in the specified amount of time?
A. Participants who have not earned their certificates within two years will be dropped and would need to re-enroll to complete the program. NRCA will handle extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Does someone have to be a foreman to enroll in the program?
A. No, participants do not have to be foremen currently. Workers need to have been in the industry for at least four years before applying. Some companies may use this program to prepare an employee to become a foreman.

Q. I'm a superintendent. Is there a certificate program for me?
When a superintendent certificate program is announced, it will include all elements of the ProForeman program plus others. If an employee will want to earn a superintendent certificate, he or she can get a head start by earning a ProForeman certificate now. All credits will apply.

Q. What if he or she has already completed some of the program elements?
A. Participants will not be required to participate in elements they have completed prior to enrolling in the ProForeman program. Completed elements reduce the program fee. See the program link on the ProForeman Web page to determine how to receive credit for items completed.

Q. What if an applicant doesn't speak English?
At this time, the program is offered only for those who speak and understand English. However, Spanish translations of the program are being developed.

Q. How will this program help my company?
A. As a result of completing the ProForeman certificate program, your employee should be able to approach his or her job with confidence and competence as evidenced by the following:

  • Ability to speak with company personnel and customers about roof systems and job sites, providing rationale for specific roof and safety system choices.
  • Ability to practice effective crew leadership, company representation and customer communication.
This will reflect well on the company, to customers and potential employees. This should give you a competitive edge, help drive increased sales and build a strong work force.

It also will enhance the image of the roofing industry with building owners and other construction industry professionals.

Q. What if a foreman earns the certificate and leaves our company? Does the certificate go with him or her?
A. A certificate is issued jointly to a participant and his or her company. When a ProForeman leaves a company, the certificate is no longer valid. Also, all participants must have been employed by their companies for one complete year before they can be awarded a certificate. This means if an employee goes to a new company, he or she is not able to earn a certificate with the new company for a minimum of one year.

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