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International Green Construction Code (IGCC)

The 2012 IGCC is a new addition to the I-Code® family of model codes. IGCC is intended to overlay—or be an extension of—other ICC model codes such as the International Building Code (IBC) and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). For example, IGCC targets 2012 IECC requirements as a baseline for its energy provisions. 2012 IGCC provides jurisdictions a means to augment the baseline by enforcing additional local requirements and project electives defined in 2012 IGCC. The IGCC contains prescriptive- and performance-based requirements.

IGCC is intended to be used by code officials as an enforcement tool to compel the adoption of green and sustainable building design and construction practices significantly beyond the construction market segments addressed by voluntary rating systems. It is designed to allow jurisdictions to tailor the code to address local environmental concerns and advance local agendas.

IGCC applies to the construction of high-performance commercial buildings, structures and systems, including existing buildings subject to alterations and additions, utilizing traditional and innovative construction practices. It also applies to residential occupancies other than low-rise residential buildings that fall under the scope of the International Residential Code.

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