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NRCA Action Alert: House Must Address Roofing Industry Labor Needs in Immigration Reform

August 2013

Members of the House of Representatives are working on a series of targeted reform measures designed to fix the nation's broken immigration system. NRCA urges members to contact their representatives during August in support of legislation that ends illegal immigration and meets the roofing industry's workforce needs.


NRCA supports the establishment of a temporary visa program that protects U.S. workers, is governed by market forces and enables employers to legally obtain the workers needed to grow their businesses. NRCA members prefer to hire U.S. workers, but experience demonstrates this is not always possible. The difficulty of finding sufficient workers to fill job openings continues to be a serious problem for the roofing industry despite vigorous efforts to recruit U.S. workers. This is because of the demographic trends of an aging workforce, higher education levels in the U.S. and other factors.

House members are working on several targeted immigration reform bills that will be considered this fall. House committees have approved bills to beef up border security, improve workplace verification programs, and update temporary visa programs for high-tech and agricultural workers.

NRCA supports legislation to create a new temporary visa program for lesser-skilled sectors of the economy, which will be introduced soon by Reps. Poe (R-Texas) and Labrador (R-Idaho). It is vital House lawmakers hear from NRCA members about the need for immigration reform that includes a temporary worker program, stops illegal immigration and meets our industry’s workforce needs.

Take Action Now

We need your help to communicate the roofing industry's views to House members during August when Congress is in recess and House members are back in their districts. It is absolutely vital House lawmakers hear directly from constituents during August that immigration reform is an important issue that must be addressed in 2013.

Contact your representative immediately and communicate the following points:
  • You support immigration reform that helps end illegal immigration by providing a legal avenue for employers to hire non-U.S. citizens when job openings cannot otherwise be filled.

  • Failure to provide a legal avenue for employers to obtain workers from abroad when needed will ensure the problem of illegal immigration is not resolved.

  • You support a temporary worker program that protects U.S. workers but is not micro-managed by a commission in Washington, D.C.

  • Access to an effective temporary worker program for U.S. employers is critical to economic growth and job creation in your business.

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in roofing will grow 18 percent between 2010 and 2020 at the same time more workers are retiring or leaving the roofing industry.
There are several ways you can help communicate the above points to lawmakers:
  • Email your representative with the listed points

  • Call your representative's district office or Washington office

  • Request a meeting with your representative in his or her district office

  • Attend a town hall meeting and urge support for immigration reform

  • Invite your representative to visit your place of business
For information about how to contact your representative, click here.

The quickest and easiest way to get involved is to email your representative through his or her website, pasting the bullet points on his or her "Contact Me" page. Also, you can use NRCA's one-page summary of the issue. Click here to read the summary.

If you don't know who your representative is, click here and enter your ZIP code in the upper right-hand corner. Or contact NRCA's Washington office, and staff will assist you in contacting your representative.

If you would like more information about this issue and tips on contacting your lawmakers, please click here to see the grassroots toolkit from NRCA partner Immigration Works USA.

Important: please report any action you take to NRCA's Washington office by contacting Duane Musser (dmusser@nrca.net) or Andrew Felz (afelz@nrca.net) at (800)338-5765.

Thank you for taking the time to contact your lawmakers. Remember, grassroots action is critical to advancing NRCA's agenda in Washington.

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