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Leadership/Human Resources

Instructor: Karen Cates

Year 1

Leadership workshop
Learn how to lead and influence others by tapping your reserves of leadership skills and power. Through an engaging classroom exercise, you will examine how your behavior affects outcomes within your organization and view it from a different angle. You'll gain insight into how your personality and leadership style help or impede your ability to work with others to develop new solutions to challenging problems.

Human resources: recruiting and hiring
Each year of the FEI, you'll discover additional ways to align your business and human-resource strategies. This year, this session will focus on bridging core talent needs and bottom-line results through effective recruiting and hiring systems. The workshop provides you with a framework for understanding how people fit into your business model, as well as ideas for leveraging people as a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

Year 2

Human resources: motivation and retention
This second human-resources session moves beyond finding the right people to developing strategies to keep them. A case analysis of a new manager who faces dire professional challenges will shed light on strategies to avoid motivational pitfalls and maintain a productive work force. Through an understanding of the factors that influence motivation, leaders can diagnose motivational problems and take action to manage them.

A fundamental fact of leadership is that nothing stays the same. Internal and external forces can affect your business, forcing you to implement strategic changes to maintain your competitive advantage. In this session, you'll learn how to identify factors that precipitate change; understand why people and organizations resist acting on new strategies; and learn the usefulness of a stage model to implement strategic change.

Learn how to integrate your vision and values into the everyday operations of your business through a well-designed culture. This session will provide a framework for understanding the different components of culture and how they can operate as a powerful retention strategy. Appreciate the strengths and hazards of using culture as a managerial tool, and understand the ways your business can welcome new members and teach them about "the way we do things around here."

Year 3

Conflict management and terminations
This final human-resources session underscores the strategic importance of managing nonperformers. The best-laid plans for hiring and retention can be undermined by employees who cannot or will not meet performance expectations. In this session, you will learn a simple but effective framework for understanding the nature and sources of problem behavior and build a tool-box of effective strategies for managing difficult conversations around terminations. Lessons learned can be applied beyond the employment relationship.

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