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  • Four years as a roofing worker is a prerequisite to enter the program.

  • Foremen must pass a reading assessment before being accepted. Reading competency is a program element because a foreman needs to have basic literacy and reading comprehension, and reading competency demonstrates aptitude necessary to complete the program. (The program is offered only in English.)

  • Companies pay for the entire program upon acceptance of applications.

  • Fees are reduced for program elements already completed by the applicant.

  • If an employee enrolled in the ProForeman program leaves his or her company, or otherwise will not finish the program, a prorated amount may be applied to another employee, as long as the transfer is made within two years of the original enrollment. After two years, no substitutes will be permitted; the company forfeits the remaining tuition.

  • A foreman must complete the program within two years from his or her acceptance. After two years, a six-month grace period is extended before a participant is dismissed from the program. To re-enroll, a company must submit a new application and fee. Extenuating circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • Certificates are awarded from NRCA to a foreman and his or her company jointly, rendering a certificate valid only when a foreman is employed at the company named on the certificate.

  • A foreman must have been employed at his or her company for at least one year by the time the certificate is awarded.

  • To earn a certificate at a new company, an applicant will not need to repeat most program elements. A foreman will need to complete the elements specific to a company: job shadowing and job-site inspection. The new company will submit a new application, and the fee will be calculated accordingly.

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