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During this course, you will:
  • Review general roof assembly functions, including roof slope and drainage, roof decks, vapor retarders, thermal insulation and flashings

  • Explore the installation processes, material properties, design issues, and related building and energy codes for all major low- and steep-slope roof systems

  • Receive hands-on training to repair the following systems:

    • Built-up roof (BUR) membranes

    • Polymer-modified bitumen roof membranes

    • EPDM and TPO membranes

    • Asphalt shingles

  • Learn how to conduct visual inspections, non-destructive moisture surveys and core sampling

  • Examine the techniques for finding leaks in low- and steep-slope roof assemblies

  • Learn about OSHA requirements regarding fall protection, personal protective equipment and ladder safety and find out the latest best safety practices for torch-applied roof systems

Additional NRCA Resources:

Repair Manual for Low-slope Membrane Roof Systems

Manuals for inspection and maintenance guides for building owners

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