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Roofing Safety: OSHA 30-hour Program

Show your organization's commitment to safety by attending NRCA University's comprehensive, four-day, roofing-specific OSHA 30-hour training program. Topics addressed in this training program are more in-depth than NRCA's OSHA 10-hour training. You will learn how to use the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) to find applicable standards for your roofing work and be better able to recognize and analyze workplace hazards to find workable, OSHA-compliant solutions. You will discuss the safety hazards that occur during all phases of roofing work, including project setup; system demolition and construction; project break-down; on-site roof maintenance and service work; and roofing contractors' yard operations. In addition, the program will highlight the four most serious safety hazards in construction work according to OSHA: electrical, struck-by, caught-between and fall-related hazards. This course is designed for those with safety responsibilities, including safety directors, managers, supervisors, administrators, trainers and roofing workers.



For more information about contracting a program with NRCA, contact Jeff Jarvis, NRCA's vice president of sales and business development, at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7512 or jjarvis@nrca.net.


"The OSHA 30-Hour class expanded my knowledge of safety skills. Important topics like scaffolding, fall arrest, proper use of harness, lanyard and related equipment were clearly explained. A thorough review and analysis of 29 CFR was rigorously examined. Both instructors are experts in safety issues and rules, which was clearly demonstrated by their presentations and information discussed. The class was excellent for a foreman and/or roofing contractor. A+"
—Andrew Golub, Alpha Real Estate LLC, College Point, N.Y.

"I found the instructors to be technically proficient and in tune with the needs of our industry. The program was well-balanced and considered contractor productivity as well as safety and regulatory requirements. The fact that the instructors had a background in the operation of a roofing business seemed to foster a kinship with all who attended. I give this class an A+."
—Francis Sanicola, New York City Housing Authority, New York

"Both Bill and Harry shared their knowledge and feelings about OSHA safety on a personal level, which made for an enjoyable experience in a seminar format. I would attend future classes given by either of these instructors."
—Dominick Ciaffone, New York City Housing Authority, New York

"Great information was taught that I could bring back to the field. I learned how to read the OSHA CFR 1926 and understand roofing hazards better. The class was great overall and I would like to come back again. Thank you."
—Richard Rubino, Patti Roofing LLC, Belleville, N.J.

"As a newly appointed safety director, I was not entirely sure what I had to do to ensure my people were safe and the company was in compliance. This course gave me the background information to keep us on the right track. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and kept the class interesting! This was my first NRCA education program, but I look forward to many more!"
—Steven Drennan, Conley Group, Irving, Texas

"The information was presented well. The class was enjoyable and exceeded my expectations."
—Richard Cohen, Colorado Moisture Control Inc., Loveland, Colo.

"This course is a wealth of information that can be of use to architects on many different levels. I'm glad to have spent the time in this class."
—Bryan Hudson, SOMA Design Consultants, Chicago

"I enjoyed the class very much. It was well worth my time. I look forward to continued education classes through NRCA. The instructors were very helpful."
—Tim Sweeton, Matthews Roofing Co. Inc., Chicago

"Attending this helped me understand regulations and learn more identifiable ways to obtain them. The instructors did a great job connecting us with the program, as well as to the stipulations/regulations of the rules."
—Chass McAnally, Northland Development & Construction, LLC, Dallas

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