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Strategic planning

Instructor: Tom Shanahan

Year 1
Introduction to strategic planning

This class is placed at the end of the first week because it ties together concepts from previous classes. During this class, you will examine the structure of the strategic-planning process. This is accomplished through readings from and discussions about The Executive Guide to Strategic Planning. Using this book as a guide, you will evaluate strategic-planning processes in your company. Planning always is taking place regardless of the formality level of the process, but whether it's strategic or effective is a question you'll be asked to consider. Many firms spend a lot of resources on strategic planning only to find that their well-crafted vision and mission statements turn out to be nothing more than something to print on a business card. You will be challenged to compare and contrast methods; debate success stories; and create a vision and mission statement for your company or areas of responsibility.

Year 2
Strategic planning

During the second year, the class is divided into two parts. The first part looks at the effects of culture on planning and execution. The second part is devoted to understanding "visioning." All successful leaders are able to cast a vision that others not only see but believe in. How does that happen? One thing everyone seems to agree on is that successful leaders are incredibly passionate about their particular vision. What is your vision for your company? Where does your passion lie? Are they aligned? We'll look at this and discuss how to get there or make improvements through effective use of the strategic-planning process.

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