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Third International Symposium on Roofing Technology

The Third International Symposium on Roofing Technology was held April 17-19, 1991, in Gaithersburg, Md. Following are the names of papers presented during the symposium and their authors.

Testing: Heat Aging

Modeling and Analysis

Elastomerics: Seams

Computer Applications

Bitumen Composition

Thermal Insulation

Elastomeric and Thermoplastic Roofing: Field Exposure

Nonmembrane Roofing

Bituminous Roofing: Testing and Analysis

Design Considerations

Wind Engineering

Maintenance and Repair

Elastomeric and Thermoplastic Roofing: Assessment

Applied Technology

Moisture and Systems Evaluation

Systems Evaluation

Modified Bitumens: Testing

The World of Practice

Elastomeric and Thermoplastic Roofing: Testing

Roofing-related Issues

French Translation

  • "Un systeme expert peut-il aider un non-expert a produire l'evaluation d'une toiture," Jacques Gendron

  • "Durabilite du systeme bi-couche en bitume modifie par polymere SBS: correlation entre les performances apres vieillissements artificiel et naturel sur chantier," Claude Duchesne

  • "Classification FIT des systemes d'etancheite de toitures," Alain Chaize
Selected Conversion

  • Selected conversion factors
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