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Vanna Novak

Speak To Persuade,™ Seattle

Vanna Novak is a nationally recognized authority on developing and delivering presentations designed to influence the thinking and decision making of audiences and motivate them to take specific, desired action.

Based in Seattle, Novak is president and owner of Speak to Persuade and has been in the business as a professional speaker, trainer and consultant for more than 20 years. Her background includes having served as a director of employee relations, university adjunct faculty member, twice-elected director for the National Speakers Association, two-time gubernatorial appointee in Washington state, and a featured guest on radio and television. She also is a founder of the Executive Development Institute, an organization that offers leadership development programs for Asian, Pacific Islander and Hispanic professionals.

When speaking to groups about effective presentation skills, her focus is on turning presentations and presenters who are simply informative into ones that will convince, persuade and inspire.

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