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NRCA's National Safety Stand-Down Seminar videos

In support of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's National Safety Stand-Down May 7-11, NRCA held a free webinar May 7 and live half-day fall-prevention awareness seminar May 8. NRCA has made available videos of the webinar recording and seminar broken into three sections: fall protection, rescue and job hazard analysis.

Fall-prevention Awareness Seminar

This seminar emphasizes the latest statistics on fatalities resulting from falls in the construction and roofing industries. A brief review of OSHA rules related to fall protection is provided along with a segment on rescue from an arrested fall. The seminar closes with a discussion of the use of job hazard analysis for fall-protection purposes.

Part 1—Fall Protection

Part 2—Rescue

Part 3—Job Hazard Analysis

OSHA National Safety Stand-Down Webinar

NRCA's enterprise risk management staff members Tom Shanahan and Rich Trewyn explain how to use a job hazard analysis (JHA) along with other pre-job resources and activities during the job and after it is complete. The presenters also discuss how to create a company safety culture and its effect on fall prevention.

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