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CERTA Train-the-trainer Reauthorization

Authorized CERTA trainers need to renew their accreditations every three years, and this program provides an opportunity to complete the required reauthorization. This class is significantly different from the original 10-hour train-the-trainer course. You will advance your training and facilitation skills and demonstrate your skills using a roofing torch. In addition, you will receive training that specifically addresses the requirements of the CERTA  applicator recertification class. You will work through lunch during this six-hour program (a boxed lunch is provided). If you fail to become reauthorized within six months of your eligibility expiration date, you will be required to retake the original 10-hour CERTA Train-the-trainer Authorization course.

NRCA will send a reminder notice regarding renewal requirements to all authorized CERTA trainers before their eligibility expires. You will have a six-month grace period to complete your reauthorization training; however, you may not schedule or conduct torch applicator certification classes during this six-month grace period.

Program prerequisite: Participants must have passed the original 10-hour CERTA authorization course and conducted some type of formalized training within 12 months before the expiration of their authorized status.

Note: You will have a six-month grace period after your expiration date to complete the CERTA Train-the-trainer Reauthorization course. You will not be able to schedule or conduct a torch applicator certification class during this six-month grace period.

Each Train-the-trainer Reauthorization attendee is required to complete a pre-qualifying questionnaire and submit it prior to the start of the class. Please download the Train-the-trainer Reauthorization pre-qualifying questionnaire and email it to CERTAadmin@nrca.net or fax it to (847) 493-7898.

Note: Class size is limited; prior registration is required.
Tuition fee includes all course materials, boxed lunch, and morning and afternoon beverage service.


"The class is a 'must' for torch applied, but the practices can be adopted in all aspects of our industry."
—John Turner, President, JB Turner, Topeka, Kan.

"I found the course to be informative and relevant to my work and very well planned."
—William E. Conway, Journeyman, Terik Roofing, Akron, Ohio

"The class keeps me up-to-date on new regulations and safety guidelines that must be followed in order to have a proper and safe jobsite and work environment."
—JC Deras, Superintendent, F.W. Walton Roofing, Houston

"The course is always good as a refresher and learning the different experiences from other guys across the U.S. is so valuable."
—Anthony Strickland, American Roofing, Louisville, Ky.

"Safety is very important in our roofing industry, not just for torch applicators but for owners and on down the line. I am thankful for this class and was able to refresh my safety practices and learn new methods as well."
—Ray Benally, Clark's Quality Roofing, Murray, Utah

"This class was very informative. It will help me a lot in teaching my next class. Good job and great class interaction."
—Paul Langen, Interstate Roofing, Onalaska, Wis.

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