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Impact-resistant Roofs: Contractor Certificate

Impact-resistant Roofs: Contractor Certificate Program is an online learning experience that consists of five self-paced learning modules and a comprehensive final exam. It helps roofing contractors and their employees better serve their customers by building basic competencies for identifying, selecting, installing and selling impact-resistant roofing products. In this program, participants will learn how to:
  • Specify appropriate impact-resistant products for a given structure
  • Prescribe best installation practices for impact-resistant products on residential projects
  • Inform residential roofing consumers of the features and benefits of installing impact-resistant steep-slope roofing products on their homes, apartments, businesses, etc.
Each module within the program takes about 45 minutes to complete. Animation, graphics, videos and interactive learning activities combine to create a fun, effective learning experience. Participates who successfully complete the program and exam will receive an NRCA University Certificate of Completion. Certificated roofing contractors will be included in an online database that can be used as a resource for consumers and insurance claims adjusters.

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