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8/21/2016 11:09:41 AM

Effective Disciplinary Conversations in the Workplace (Webinar recording)


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The word "discipline" is scary to most managers, not to mention employees. Whether you’re giving it or receiving discipline, it is laden with fear, uncertainty and uneasiness, so the concept of effective discipline often is illusive. Is there a way to approach discipline in a way that avoids these negative connotations and actually accomplishes something positive? The simple answer is, yes. The more difficult issue is, how.

In his years managing hundreds of workers, Tom Shanahan, NRCA's vice president of enterprise risk management, has experienced just about every emotion accompanying conversations involving discipline. He can recall avoiding them because he couldn’t muster up the nerve to confront a person. This, of course, is usually an unsustainable proposition as it inevitably leads to more frustration with the worker and a future conversation that is even more uncomfortable because the delay only reinforced or worsened the bad behavior at issue. And to make matters worse, the delay can embolden the worker’s resolve not to change because it had been acceptable for so long!

So what do you do? In this webinar recording, Shanahan presents an approach that focuses on agreement and learning. In the end, discipline doesn't have to be about awkward conversation or punishment; rather, it can be a teaching and learning moment.

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This webinar recording took place Aug. 18, 2016.

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