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2/18/2014 9:33:34 AM

Guidelines for Complying With Building Code Requirements for Roof Assemblies: International Building Code, 2009 edition (Hard copy)

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Co-branded with the International Code Council (ICC), this NRCA publication provides you with all the roofing-related provisions of ICC's International Building Code, 2009 edition (IBC), which is currently applicable in most jurisdictions. Also included are NRCA's explanations of the compliance requirements specifically applicable to roof assemblies, as well as appendixes that explain the roofing–related provisions contained on ICC's other model codes (residential, existing building, fire and plumbing codes), as well as the National Fire Protection Association's fire code and standard for safeguarding construction, alteration and demolition operation.

In one publication, you get all the information you need to understand and comply with IBC's roofing requirements. Complying with adopted codes is a legal requirement. ICC's model codes serve as technical basis for codes adopted throughout the U.S. and in some jurisdictions abroad—be sure you know what you need to do and protect your company!  

Published 2009

Uncertain which codes apply? Click here to view ICC's code adoption map.

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