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2/18/2014 9:22:11 AM

Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment and Preventing Back Injury DVD Set (Hard copy)

Thank you for your interest, however this product is no longer available. Please click here for the most up to date NRCA resources.

This program is outdated and no longer is available.

Click here to view NRCA's new Hazard Communication Program.

The Hazard Communication: Your Right to Know compliance guide enables you to fully comply with OSHA's comprehensive Hazard Communication Standard. This program helps you improve employee safety and decrease down time, workers' compensation costs, and the chance of property damage from spills and fires.

Hazard Communication: Your Right to Know also explains material safety data sheets and labeling procedures for hazardous materials. It includes:

  • Eight employee pocket guides
  • Eight ID cards
  • A certificate of completion
  • A shop safety poster

Personal Protective Equipment: What's the Difference? addresses employee personal protective equipment (PPE) and circumstances in which PPE is necessary. The accompanying guide complements the information provided in the video and explains how to develop a training session.

It's a Matter of Choice: Preventing Back Injury and Other CTDs illustrates proper lifting techniques and demonstrates specific actions that workers can take on different types of roofing work to reduce the risk of back injury and other cumulative trauma.

All programs on the DVD set are in English and Spanish.

Item #: DC3112

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Nonmember price: $190.00

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